Two gamma bands? Or two gamma complex ensembles?

In our newest preprint on BioRxiv, in collaboration with Alessandro Torcini and Matteo di Volo, we revisit a classic theory about the existence of two different gamma rhythms in the hippocampus CA1. We first deconstruct this theory, showing its insufficiency to account for the haphazard diversity of hippocampal gamma. We however reconstruct and rescue the main functional implications of this theory, making it compliant with gamma complexity. We are happy to share here our Tweeter summary of the preprint.

To know more:

  • Douchamps V, di Volo M, Torcini A, Battaglia D, Goutagny R (2022). Hippocampal gamma oscillations form complex ensembles modulated by behavior and learning. bioRxiv doi:10.1101/2022.10.17.512498